Elevated Thoughts

Monday :

If we face our problems and respond to them positively, and refuse to give in to panic, bitterness, or self pity, these adverse situations that look like they could bury us, have within them the very real potential to make us unshakeable.

Tuesday :

Breathe more deeply. Be patient.There is a season for everything and nothing can be rushed. Make allowances for the fact that other people have different rhythms to you. Your patience will reduce your anxiety, and you will enjoy each day more.

Wednesday :

A compassionate person develops an eye for spotting the qualities that make each person special. Even when others are at their lowest ebb, it is possible to help them restore their self-belief by keeping a firm, clear vision of their goodness and specialities. Taking a gently encouraging approach, I must never give up on anyone.

Thursday :

No matter how dark the situation, let me always hold on to the steady light of hope.

Friday :

Even when you feel as though things aren't going well in your life, you have reasons to be grateful. Today, take time to appreciate the gift of life and all its wonders. Count your blessings and cherish what you have.

Saturday :

Do not have the extra food of waste thoughts and you will be saved from the illnesses that come from being overweight.

Sunday :

To consult your conscience: sit quietly and calm the mind, allow peace to fill your heart and then place a question before your conscience, your innate wisdom.Then let go and listen for a response. Be patient and there will be a response; often when you have stopped wanting it and when you least expect it!